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Keynote Speeches

Keynote - The human side of Digital Work

During the pandemic, we showed that we can be very productive while working from home. But slowly the long-term consequences and side effecits of purely digital work are becoming noticeable: loss of team spirit, loss of trust or “serious zoom fatigue”. Therefore it becomes even more important to understand:

- What are the psychological-neurological effects of digital work?

- What tools and behaviors can we use so that we can continue to maintain our team culture?

In our Keynote, we will give you an exhaustive review of the current research and advice on how to cope with these challenges.

As part of team Meetings

30 minutes- 2 hours


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Interested in other topics?

We are happy to design keynotes for your concrete needs. Examples of other topics we have covered for our clients:

  • Suddenly we are Avatars - How to effectively lead in the digital space.

  • The right path into hybrid team work

  • Leading successfully through this crisis with digital presence 

As part of team meetings

30 minutes - 2 hours


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