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Of Digital Work


Being Prensent in the digital Space 

How can we translate team meetings into the digital space most effectively?

What should I pay attention to in digital communication in order to be fully present?

What rituals should I introduce in order to maintain the feeling of bonding and belonging within the team? How do I stay authentic by doing so?

Being attentive and showing empathy is even more important in the "impersonal" digital space. How do I do this without overwhelming myself?

Together we are strong!

How the "New Normal" looks like is determined by us as a team. What has gone well so far, what should we work on?

How do we deal with challenging group dynamics that could arise from working in a hybrid environment?

How do we want to talk about personal challenges of digital and hybrid work?

How can I lead effectively and authentically in the digital world?

Keynote Speeches

Learning from Specialists

What are the psychological-neurological effects of digital work and how should we deal with them?

What is really different when working from home? What stays the same?

How can we a personal atmosphere and a feeling of bonding and team belonging on a video screen?

Why is loyalty to the team erodingwhen working from home and how can you recharge the "bonding battery"?

Workshops & Trainings

Image by Papaioannou Kostas

From Social Distancing to 

Distant Socialising 

The Problem

Lack of emotional intimacy and trust - We can hear the messages, but can we grasp what is said between the lines?

Zoom Fatigue - We take part in countless digital meetings, but are we really PRESENT?

Changes in the organisation's social system, due to less spontaneity. Do I still belong to this group, even if I am not "seen" every day?


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